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We are happy to dedicate ourselves to providing you with excellent SEO services in the Caledon and surrounding area. With 10+ years of experience in web design software development, SEO, online marketing and social media management; we are considered the top experts in the IT industry. We have completed over 1,500 projects in all industries and verticals and are constantly adding more projects.

We are well-versed in building campaigns around getting our clients ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo or Bing. Most clients search for products and services online before they visit a business or contact a business. Keep in mind that most clients will search locally for the service or business. Example: Cotton Candy Caledon or Car Rentals Caledon - this would bring up pages and pages of results. It has been proven that the majority of the people using search engines don't go beyond the first page of search engine results and they often use their mobile devices.

We help clients build their online presence from basics such as starting with domain registration, hosting, emails and servers, custom web design, search engine optimization, social media platforms to build brand recognition, graphic design, logo development & much more.

If you're looking for cost effective, efficient strategies, true care and dedication and a full carnal knowledge of the online marketing world - then look further than us. TAS Technologies is proud to serve the Caledon area.

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