We help build e-commerce websites that have quality performance to boost your business sales, enhance your audience engagement and sustaining these qualities when achieved. Our e-commerce solutions vary from B2B, omni channel and even E-commerce consultation.

E-commerce features include:

Product Management
Customer Management
Order Management
Inventory Management
Marketing & Promotions

E-Commerce Services – Making It Successful

  • Designing It
  • Developing It
  • Effective Intergration
  • Support

Designing It

Our team creates an e-commerce site with full capabilities and extraordinary design. This includes understanding what an e-commerce website needs and differs from just a regular business site. Set focuses on e-commerce software, response and CTAs that help enhance the buying process.

Developing It

Platforms such as Shopify have several features that range from SEO tools all the way to multiple device support. Using these during development help use intricate tools to properly define your e-commerce site.

Effective Intergration

Integrating solutions such as CRM, ERP, Order management are just some that need to be implemented for your e-commerce site to run smoothly and accordingly. Integrating the correct solutions will help the customer journey be as efficient as possible.


We are highly dedicated to customer support. We are here to resolve all issues and problems at a timely rate, and help you troubleshoot with any concerns you may have. Are key is to give you results and solve any bugs or problems with your e-commerce site along the way to make for a cleaner process to reaching your goals.

Types Of E-Commerce

B2B E-Commerce

B2B E-Commerce

TAS Technologies provides a polished platform for Business-to-Business services. We follow a detailed approach to help emerge your business as a top tier e-tailer. We have strong teams leading in E-Commerce development and digital marketing to sustain your website store and continue to convert potential clients into paying customers.

OMNI Channel

OMNI Channel

Omni channel refers to a cross-channel business model which helps enhance the customer experience. Retailers intentionally try to connect all e-commerce channels with all operations within the business to give consumers the full-fledged experience, this is an omni channel. Our team overseas these processes like loyalty programs, subscription newsletters and other promotional channels to provide a supply chain process that flows through all over the business’ digital channels.

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