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King City's finest web design and SEO firm, TAS Technologies is here to assist you with your online marketing needs. We provide client's over ten years of web design, SEO and marketing expertise. We have worked on over 1,500 projects that cover all the industries and verticals and business sizes from small to large.

We are excellent at building marketing campaigns that gain you first page results of Google, Yahoo or Bing or other local search engines. Due to the fact that most clients search for products and services online - we are especially dedicated to building your presence to obtain the most views, clicks and results.

We assist clients with building their online presence from the basics of registering your domain to hosting, setting up business emails, servers, custom website search engine optimization, social media profiles, graphics, content, blogging and much more. TAS Technologies is a full service organization that is all about assisting clients with their online marketing campaigns and gaining excellent results towards their bottom line.

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