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TAS Technologies is proud to serve the Markham and surrounding areas' business owners. We are here to provide you the best Search Engine Optimization, Web Design, Social Media, Brand Awareness & Content Writing services. We have been dedicated to providing excellent service for 10+ years and have developed over 1,500 online business projects in all industries and verticals with businesses sized from start up to corporate. We have been helping businesses grow their local clientele by providing our clients unique solutions. We believe in building campaigns that get immediate results within as little as 3-6 months. For the best return on investment, we believe in building manual search engine optimization strategies that organically rank our clients' sites. We are a local SEO company ourselves and are well versed in the best white hat SEO techniques for local listings. We can help you establish the best budget for your marketing strategy and how to best spend your marketing dollars. From setting up your domain registration to hosting your domain and building the perfect website to getting you ranked on the 1st page of the top Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, we provide an effective solution to your needs. We are here to strengthen your online presence. Our goal is to help you rank and increase your client traffic. We are here to bring more clients from the Markham area and surrounding areas and opening up your results to global markets.

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