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Website Design

We are the industry leaders of web designers in Canada. In today's web savvy atmosphere, we believe that any organization that doesn't take advantage of the internet presence is really affecting their bottom line negatively.

Web Hosting

We provide a hosting service that is fully equipped to handle all your web design and email needs. Our services are competitively priced, have fantastic servers and can handle heavy-duty web-needs.

Domain Registration

We can assist you with registering the best domain name and assisting you in finding the perfect domain name for your business including various extensions as deemed necessary for your project.

Custom Development

TAS Technologies is a leader in custom website design. What makes us so successful is our process of understanding your needs and building the website that is perfect for your business.

SEO Services

We are big believers in organic SEO. We believe it is the best ROI for our clients. SEO has proven itself over the years and we hold the top ranking for all of our SEO targeted keywords with our various clients.

App Development

We specialize in mobile app development using multiple platforms. We use open source tools that are beneficial as they offer comparable performance with dramatically reduced development time and cost than building a native app.

Social Media

Social Media Management is a large part of creating brand awareness. Not only do you build long-term relationships with followers, clients and family or friends but it also helps your SEO.


Writing original content once to twice a week... easier said than done. Reality rears its' ugly head around the corner and reminds us that we only have so much time and patience to put together excellent content for our website.

Email Marketing

Email is a great method in communicating with new and existing customers. Our services can help you deliver wonderfully designed email campaigns efficiently and quickly.

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