About Us


Who We Are

TAS Technologies has been a leader in the web development space for close to 2 decades, aiding various companies and businesses with effective digital presence across search engines, social media and more. A Mississauga based company, TAS Technologies has assisted customers all over the world.

We take great delight in comprehending a company's needs and then turning those needs into a workable plan for achieving business growth. TAS Technologies is dedicated to quality, high performance, and client satisfaction and will not accept compromises while delivering work to meet client objectives, making us the ideal Mississauga web development solution.

Quality & Usability

To keep visitors on your website, you need quality design and effective usability. They will be entranced by a beautiful site, and usability will entice them to stay. Usability is important in website construction and marketing, according to the majority of recent marketing research. We at TAS Technologies believe that the most valuable thing we can do for you is to get your target audience to utilize and purchase from your website. As a web development company, this is our standard.

Have it your Way

While there are numerous Mississauga website design businesses available, not all can offer services like SEO. Even fewer will pay attention to the objectives and suggestions you have for the creation of your website. The experts at TAS Technologies do pay attention. We learn about your company, your market, and yourself.

Continuity for Website Improvements

We are aware that in order to maintain the top ranks, your website may require adjustments. Because of this, TAS Technologies provides services once your website is live. We walk you through each stage of the process of building a website before we start. Your best interests are put first in all of our decisions when providing our services, which are open and of the highest caliber. We wish to address your unique demands.

Our Unique Selling Point

Our enthusiasm for what we do is evident. We have achieved so much since we founded TAS Technologies about 20 years ago. As a Mississauga web development company, we have consistently been a pioneer in utilizing technology to address challenging corporate issues. We use a fluid, interactive, and agile process for client engagements in addition to creating web goods and apps. Our flexible approach to business is shown in our diversified customer bases and high client satisfaction.


Our Service Process

Contrary to popular belief, the essential elements of website development and design are not required for the coding process. Indeed, tools like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript dictate how we interact with content on the web and give it its shape. But the phases of initial data collection, in-depth planning, and post-launch maintenance are typically hidden from view while still remaining a significant component of the website development life cycle. TAS Technologies aims to execute these 5 steps effectively, making it the quintessential Mississauga web development service.