Digital Marketing

Digital marketing benefits businesses of all sizes by giving access to the mass market at an affordable price. Unlike TV or print advertising, it allows true personalized marketing. The main advantage of digital marketing is that a targeted audience can be reached in a cost-effective and measurable way. One of the reasons why digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing channels is the ability of internet marketing tools to interact with targeted audiences in real time.

At TAS Technologies we provide marketing tactics with top notch lead generation techniques and strategies to expand your online visibility.

Digital Marketing Services include:

Search Engine
Pay Per Click
Social Media

The D.A.C.I.M. Strategy For Digital Marketing Success

We provide a 5-step process to all of our digital marketing services, this acts as a strategy to reach your goals and outcomes effectively.

  • Define
  • Analyze
  • Create
  • Implement
  • Measure & Evaluate


Defining your details is an intricate part of the process. This creates the foundation that we build upon, helping us understanding what your business is really about. We explore your objectives, goals and nature of the business to understand what tactics would be the most effective.

The road to success starts here, as the understanding of your business as a whole give us the intel we need to start developing a solidified solution to your digital marketing strategy.


Analyzing takes the information we used to define your business, and attaches it to develop your audiences and their behaviours. We try to break down your consumer bases into niches, or understand why you are trying to reach a certain audience.

Analyzing these areas gives a grasp on who we are aiming for, and gives us the last bit to aid our marketing team to group the correct people for lead generation and outreach.


At this step we take the information we’ve gathered to develop the appropriate marketing plan. Understanding things through competitors, SWOTs and target audience; we can pin point the exact way to go about creating your marketing plan.

This step is used with the idea of being results-orientated, aiming for the best strategies to promote all channels and brand growth.


Once created, we move to implementing the plan and putting it in motion. This phase is where all tactics come into play including SEO, content marketing and blogging just to name a few.

We use this phase to also collaborate with you on any ideas or tactics you may have for your marketing strategy. We use our knowledge and expertise and try to incorporate your vision as much as possible to garner the plan best suited in both our and your business’ perspective.

Measure & Evaluate

Once we have captured the results of your campaign, we use this data to make an informative decision on what’s next for your business.

Again, being results-orientated is the key. Meaning we make alteration to things that may not be working as well as predicted, and continue to sustain strategies that have had positive outcomes.

The process of evaluation allows us to re-implement new strategies and continue to update the digital marketing campaign. Our readiness and consistent efficiency with your campaign allows us to always make educated decisions based on data and analytics. This in the long-term will keep your business positively entrenched in the digital world.

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