E-Commerce Web Development Back

TAS Technologies is a Mississauga-based company that designs and develops e-commerce websites. We assist our clients by creating the most amazing eCommerce websites for their businesses. Our team creates eCommerce websites that sparkle with authority and sophistication. Your digital sales will increase as a result. Your bottom line will rise as a result of this.

A positive first impression is really important. When it comes to a website, it's actually the same. Customers decide in a single second whether a website is worth their valuable time. A well-designed eCommerce website draws visitors who then stay on the site longer and eventually become paying clients. We provide the high-quality interactions that today's clients require at every stage of the transaction.

Why eCommerce?

You have the benefit of showcasing all product collections on one platform with an e-commerce website. You can find the solution with TAS Technologies. Our staff will always employ the best user interface features to gradually entice clients to use your services or purchase your goods.

You may access your dashboard for managing sales and product expenses in accordance with market trends with the aid of eCommerce development. We provide your website with features like mobile friendliness, faster loading times, and SEO optimization to help it stand out.

Key Features

User encounter

eCommerce on the go

Seamless Page for Adding to Cart Product Detail

Sign up and Login (Email/OTP)

Login to social media for ordering, billing, and managing customers

Sorting and filtering of products

Recommendations for this Product/Related Products product SKU

Compare Product

Categories and Subcategories for Shipping Integration

Complete Vendor Management for CMS

Bulk upload of products Multiple payment methods

Subscription to a newsletter

e-Commerce Data Backup

What We Offer


Provisions that work on mobile

Almost 80% of online purchases made by mobile users were done on their cellphones. This calls for the eCommerce website to be responsive and functional on various platforms. Therefore, we make sure that every product is mobile-friendly with our eCommerce website building services in Mississauga.


Platforms for multi-vendor e-commerce

Our eCommerce designers in Mississauga give any company the chance to sell their goods and services online by combining various suppliers into a single, strong, and efficient eCommerce platform. Modern technology fuel solutions for multi-vendor marketplaces.


Integration of CMS

We can assist your marketplaces in reaching their full potential and exceeding in capabilities by integrating eCommerce systems like OpenCart, Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce. These platforms allow us to assist eCommerce in a way that is more beneficial for our clients.


Return Procedure

Our service includes developing a return policy section for your eCommerce website. It enables you to make your return policy quite clear. It is created in a way that tempts clients to stop by before making a purchase.


Security Options

In addition to creating a sophisticated website for you, TAS Technologies also ensures that it is completely safe. Top-notch features like an SSL certificate, HTTPS, and other technologies can improve your online store.


Ecommerce B2C Services

Businesses can establish a direct connection with their clients by creating interactive, feature-rich online portals. These websites improve their effectiveness and productivity by integrating cutting-edge eCommerce solutions. We support our customers in their efforts to create eCommerce platforms.


Ecommerce Markets for B2B

We create B2B marketplaces for companies so they may offer their goods or services to other potential companies online in a secure, long-lasting, and feature-rich environment. We provide our clients extremely effective B2B marketplaces so they may expand continuously.


API incorporation

Integrating cutting-edge APIs from companies like PayPal, FedEx, and Google Analytics to streamline the development of eCommerce solutions for a variety of uses, including payment, customer management, billing, and order management. This will guarantee accurate and comprehensive analytics for the platform.


Wants lists

As a Mississauga-based eCommerce website design business, we make sure that your website engages users by utilising a number of cutting-edge features. We may incorporate a wish list, for instance.