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As a Mississauga based web Development Company, we provide world-class web development solutions to streamline your company's operations. To enhance your product sales and return on investment, our developers create cutting-edge websites or web apps that are combined with dynamic features and powerful functionalities.

Our Service USP

We offer static and dynamic web development services to make your website more appealing to visitors and more accessible online. Get your website built based on the style and specifications you like. All you need to do is explain to us, and we'll deliver the top outcomes in a superb manner.

What We Offer


Accessibility on Mobile

We create the code in a way that allows users to visit the site from any type of device.


Efficient Loading

Your business's growth depends heavily on how quickly things load, and we do that better with optimization.


Browser Uniformity

We thoroughly examine each and every browser, ensuring that it is cross-platform compatible.


Easy to Use Forms

The site is possible to gather precise data from the ideal end users thanks to efficient coding in usable forms.

Why Choose Us

Today's online market makes use of strategies that weren't even available a few years ago. You are aware that fundamental competencies will be lacking if your website was created more than five years ago. Modern approaches for insuring potential customer engagement have been made possible by new platforms and technologies.

TAS Technologies uses cutting-edge technology to competitively design and construct your website to meet your specific business demands.

Our Service Process

Finding out and doing research is the stage that sets the tone for the rest of the process. Gaining a clear knowledge of your future website's purposes, the primary objectives you hope to achieve, and the target audience you want to draw to your site is the most crucial task at this time. Such a website development questionnaire aids in formulating the best plan of action for subsequent project management. Different website kinds offer users varying functionality, hence various technologies should be employed in accordance with objectives.

The relationships between the key components of your website should be explained in the sitemap. Such a picture might make it easier to comprehend how usable the finished item will be. It can demonstrate the "connection" between a website's various pages, allowing you to assess how simple it will be for a user to locate the needed content or service if they start on the home page.

Building a user-friendly and simple to navigate website is the primary motivation behind the sitemap creation. The user interface is not described in the sitemap, but it does help you understand how a website is organized internally.

Sometimes it's necessary to obtain a customer's approval before beginning to code or even work on a design in order to go on to the next stage of web development. A wireframe or mock-up is made in this situation. A wireframe is a depiction in visual form of the user interface you intend to design. However, it is devoid of any design components, such as colours or logos. Only the elements and their locations that will be added to the page are described.

Your website develops during the design stage. This process involves creating all of the visual content, including pictures, videos, and images. Again, all of the data acquired during the initial phase is essential. When creating a design, keep in mind the client and the intended audience.

Our web development team’s work is evident in the website layout. It could be a graphic design or just a graphic sketch. The layout's main purposes are to showcase the material, reflect the information structure, and show fundamental functionality. Layouts can provide a general understanding of the next product because they feature colours, logos, and images.

Writing and compiling content frequently occurs concurrently with other phases of website development, but its importance should not be understated. The core substance of what you want to say to your website's visitors must be expressed in writing at this stage, along with calls to action.

It takes time and effort to write content because it also requires the production of attention-grabbing headlines, text editing, writing new text, assembling the current text, etc. Typically, the customer agrees to supply website material that is ready to be migrated to the site. All website material should be submitted either before or during website coding.

The website itself can now begin to be created at this stage. An actual website should be created using the graphic components that were produced in the earlier stages. In accordance with the website structure that was previously generated in the form of a sitemap, the main page is often created first, and then all sub-pages are added. To ensure that the installation and setup go successfully on the server, frameworks and CMS should be used.

It is necessary to construct and test each static web page element that was planned during the layout and mock-up phases. Then, unique features and interactive elements had to be included. At this stage, it's essential that you have a thorough understanding of every website development tool you intend to use.

The most common and typical step in a process is testing. It is important to test each and every link to make sure there aren't any broken ones. You should examine each form, each script, and use a spell-checking programme to look for any potential errors. To ensure that your code complies with the most recent web standards, use code validators. For instance, if cross-browser compatibility is important to you, valid code is required.

It's time for TAS Technologies to submit your website to a server after it’s been thoroughly checked. For that, FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software is employed. You should conduct one more final test once the files have been distributed to ensure that all of your files have been installed properly.

A website is more of a service than a product, it's crucial to keep in mind. Simply "delivering" a webpage to a user is insufficient. Additionally, make sure that everything functions properly, that everyone is happy, and that you are constantly ready to adjust in the event of a different circumstance.

You can identify potential issues the site's end users may have thanks to the feedback mechanism that was included. Fixing the issue as soon as you can is the most important responsibility in this situation. If you don't, one day your users might decide to use another website rather than put up with the hassle, which would be a loss for you. Using tools such as SEO and SEM is a large part in making your website successful post launch, and TAS Technologies strives to maintain your site at a high level with our refined web development practices.