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At TAS Technologies, vows responsibility to help each of our customers realize their maximum potential, and we illustrate this potential through our professional web development services. Our inspiration comes from the fact that the expansion of our customers' businesses and the expansion of their audiences are both made possible by the services that we offer. In addition, this has been the pushing factor that has propelled us to become a prominent website development business in the GTA.

TAS Technologies in Mississauga take a great deal of tremendous satisfaction in our capability to completely assimilate the requirements of our customers and turn their visions into an actuality. In order to maintain our high standard of excellence, we focus on the tiniest of specifics. Custom web development, web design, web app development, e-Commerce development, WordPress development, and other web development-related services are among the many that we offer to clients in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The webpages and services that we develop for our customers are meant to help them achieve their goals of becoming more capable.

The TAS Big 5 Benefits of Web Development Services


Services Offered at Competitive Costs

Customers are drawn to us because of the affordable rates of our web development services. Each and every time, we provide services of an outstanding standard at prices that are both affordable and reasonable, and we lay out exactly what you’re paying for through our web development process.


Customized Solutions Uniquely Fit for your Business

Your company does not easily fall into a category, and neither should your digital interactions attempt to do so. We start each project from scratch, taking the time to thoroughly comprehend the prerequisites, obstacles, and opportunities, as well as the measures that will determine its level of success.


Count on Us

Our customers have referred to us as the most reputable website development business over the course of the years that we have worked with them. With our extensive experience, genuine nature, and impeccable reputation, people in the Greater Toronto Area consider us to be the most trustworthy website development business in the region.


Consistent Customer Reach Out

Our management team communicates changes to our customers and solicits comments from those customers. By carrying out these steps, we guarantee that the project will proceed in a methodical and well-planned manner making the web development process come off as seamless.


Excellent Collaboration

At TAS Technologies in Mississauga, the level of collaboration and comprehension that we all share with one another is exceptional. Our development and design services are extremely close to reaching a level of excellence because our team receives continuous direction and feedback from both our overseeing team and our customers.

The TAS Journey

Discovering information and carrying out investigation is the stage that determines how the remainder of the procedure will proceed. Obtaining a crystal-clear understanding of the purposes your future website will serve, the primary goals you hope to accomplish, and the target population you want to attract to your site is the most important task you need to focus on at this time. Since consumers of different types of websites have access to a variety of functionalities, it is necessary to utilize a variety of technologies in compliance with one's goals.

The roadmap of your website should include an explanation of the interconnections between the primary components of your website. It's possible that an illustration like this would make it simpler to understand how the completed product will be put to use. It is able to demonstrate the "connection" between the various sections of a website, which enables you to evaluate how straightforward it will be for a user to locate the required content or service if they begin on the main page of the website.

The primary objective behind the production of a roadmap is to facilitate the development of a website that is user-friendly and easy to traverse. You won't find any information about the user experience in the sitemap, but it will assist you in comprehending how the interior structure of a website is laid out.

In order to move on to the next stage of web development, it is sometimes essential to acquire a customer's permission before commencing to write or even working on a design. The user interface that you plan to create is depicted in the form of a picture using something called a wireframe. On the other hand, it does not contain any graphic elements whatsoever, such as colours or emblems. The description only includes the components and the positions of those components that will be added to the website.

During the planning stage, your website will undergo development. During this phase of the process, all of the graphic material, such as still photos, movies, and moving pictures, will be created. Again, all of the information that was gathered in the first portion is extremely important. When developing a design, it is important to keep both the customer and the target population in mind.

The website's structure is a clear reflection of the work done by our web development team. It may be a complete graphic design, or it may simply be a graphic drawing. The presentation of the content, a reflection of the information structure, and demonstration of fundamental functionality are the primary goals of the arrangement. Because they include colors, names, and pictures, layouts can provide an overall comprehension of the subsequent product. Planning and structure is a vital stage in the website development process, a step that our team at TAS Technologies in Mississauga pay extra attention too.

At this point, work can finally get started on developing the website itself. It is recommended to construct an actual website by making use of the graphical components that were developed in the earlier phases. In compliance with the website framework that was initially developed in the form of a blueprint, the primary page of the website is typically developed first, followed by the addition of any and all subsidiary sites. Utilizing frameworks and CMS is the best way to guarantee a smooth and trouble-free installation and configuration process on the server.

It is essential to build and test every feature of the inactive web website that was intended during the planning and mock-up stages. The next step was to incorporate one-of-a-kind features and interactive components. At this point in the process, it is absolutely necessary for you to have a complete comprehension of every website development instrument that you intend to use.

Testing is the stage in a procedure that occurs the most frequently and typically. It is essential to check each and every connection to ensure that there are none that are not working properly. You need to perform a thorough review of each form and screenplay, as well as run them through a spell-checking application, in order to identify and correct any mistakes that may have been overlooked. Make use of code validators in order to guarantee that your code is up to date with the most recent online standards.

It is imperative that you bear in mind that a website is more of a service than it is a commodity. It is not enough to merely provide a person with a website by "delivering" it to them. In addition, ensure that everything operates as it should, that everyone is satisfied, and that you are always prepared to make adjustments in the event that new circumstances arise.

Because a mechanism for user comments was built into the site, it is possible to determine whether or not end users are experiencing any problems. In this predicament, your most important responsibility is to find a solution to the problem as quickly as you possibly can. TAS Technologies is committed to ensuring that your website continues to perform at a high level by utilizing our honed web development practices.

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It is imperative that your website’s development is thorough and well thought out. Our professional team at TAS Technologies in Mississauga offers the type of web development services that help create a website that empowers the brand, grows the business and exudes the visibility across the internet. Reach out to TAS Technology today to get your website development process started.