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To keep visitors on your website, you need quality design and effective usability. They will be entranced by a beautiful site, and usability will entice them to stay. Usability is important in website construction and marketing, according to the majority of recent marketing research. We at TAS Technologies believe that the most valuable thing we can do for you is to get your target audience to utilize and purchase from your website. As a web development company, this is our standard.

Have it your Way

While there are numerous Mississauga website design businesses available, not all can offer services like SEO. Even fewer will pay attention to the objectives and suggestions you have for the creation of your website. The experts at TAS Technologies do pay attention. We learn about your company, your market, and yourself.

Continuity for Website Improvements

We are aware that in order to maintain the top ranks, your website may require adjustments. Because of this, TAS Technologies provides services once your website is live. We walk you through each stage of the process of building a website before we start. Your best interests are put first in all of our decisions when providing our services, which are open and of the highest caliber. We wish to address your unique demands.


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TAS Technologies has been a leader in the web development space for close to 2 decades, aiding various companies and businesses with effective digital presence across search engines, social media and more. A Mississauga based company, TAS Technologies has assisted customers all over the world.

We take great delight in comprehending a company's needs and then turning those needs into a workable plan for achieving business growth. TAS Technologies is dedicated to quality, high performance, and client satisfaction and will not accept compromises while delivering work to meet client objectives, making us the ideal Mississauga web development solution.

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Web Development

As a Mississauga based web Development Company, we provide world-class web development solutions to streamline your company's operations.


Since we've been in business for ten years and have worked with hundreds of clients during that time, TAS Technologies has amassed

E-Commerce Web Development

TAS Technologies is a Mississauga-based company that designs and develops e-commerce websites.

Web Design

As a reputable Mississauga website design company with years of expertise, we blend innovation and perfection to create a visually appealing web design.

WordPress Web Development

The best WordPress design firm in Mississauga is TAS Technologies. Our company is made up of teams

Web Application Development

We want to assist our clients in implementing cutting-edge tools and technology into their businesses to gain a competitive edge.


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20 Years of Experience in IT Solution

TAS Technologies is a one-stop web development and web marketing solutions provider. Our products and packages are well suited for all types of businesses, be it big or small. Whether you want a simple and elegant website or a flashy design, an SEO package to get you started or a high-power service that generates website traffic and engagement, we can do it for you. Give us your specifications and our team will get it done for you using the latest technologies and industry trends because we have the experience and expertise to do it all.

We have more than 10 years of experience in providing Web design, SEO, Software development and other web services. We have completed hundreds of projects in various domains, building a large database of knowledge that enables us to deliverthe solutions that address the needs of our client base.

At TAS Technologies, we believe quality is not just another goal; it is our basic strategy for survival and future growth. We aim for total customer satisfaction and work on a project until the customer is completely satisfied. We believe that a satisfied and happy customer is the key to our business. We stand behind our work and guarantee the highest standards of quality and commitment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does a website cost?

    This question doesn't have a single right answer. Each project's requirements determine the price for a website design. Since each website is different and needs a particular set of components, we create and develop specialized websites just for your small business. We'll elicit a great deal of information from you, evaluate your needs, and then provide you with an estimate.

  • How long does Web Redesign take?

    Depending on the size, complexity and, most critically, the client’s active involvement in the process, a website takes anywhere between six and 24 weeks to build and launch. Some incredibly large projects have broken the year mark. We have the team of developers and web designers, as well as the project management processes, in place to build and deliver the friendliest, accessible and speed-optimized websites available.

  • What should I do if my website goes down?

    As a top tier Misssissauga website development service, we are always willing to assist. Both emergencies and non-emergencies are covered by us. Just make sure to be as specific as you can about the issue, including the browser you were using, the operating system of your computer, the time of day, the actions you were taking, the device you were using, etc.

  • Do you only offer web development services in Mississauga?

    No, our web development company has worldwide customers a part of our clientele.